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Cathy Halloran

Cathy Youtsey-HalloranCathy Youtsey-Halloran

Founder, President, Survivor of Chicks & Chucks, Inc

On August 6, 2001 my life changed forever.  Never would I imagine this path GOD has designed for me.  On that day, I was diagnosed with breast cancer – and that is when the transformation took place.  Upon hearing the paralyzing word “CANCER”, my life changed forever. I had no idea just how incredible the journey would be.  My sister/best friend reminded me of a phrase our Mom would always say, “This has happened for a reason”!!! At that point I asked GOD to give me a second chance and I vowed to HIM that I would dedicate the rest of my life to help others battling this same terrible disease.  HE certainly answered my prayer and now it is my turn to live up to that vow.  Thus the creation of CHICKS & CHUCKS.  We are an incredible group of hard working, compassionate, caring, loving, committed and AMAZING Chicks and Chucks (guys).  Our group truly embraces the bond we have. We use our positive energy to raise money to supply products and services for breast cancer patients/survivors in our own communities. Chicks & Chucks was created in 2005. We became non-profit on July 18, 2006 and have never looked back- only forward! We are truly blessed because our family members and their spouses/friends complete our circle of strength and determination. Chick & Chucks has grown and expanded each year. We have been able to help more people each year because of our dedicated supporters.  We are a dedicated group, with dedicated supporters trying to make a difference in our local communities.

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Cell: 859.630.1807
Fax: 859.781.0389

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